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I will be posting a lot of inspirational and practical content for you based on one of my coach’s teachings and the best part is that this comes from outside the “business” field. Most of what we do in business will carry over into how we live our lives and such is the case for Decision Making.

Coach Scott Sonnon who has created a new wave of fitness techniques and disciplines has some of the most profound mindset training I have ever experienced. What’s amazing is the connection to what we study in our Network/Internet Marketing business.

I give you: “Three Simple Rules For Decision Making”
1. The best thing to do is the right thing
2. The next best thing to do is something
3. And the worst thing to do is nothing

I told you it was simple! But ponder that for a minute… If you have a choice, are you choosing the “right” thing? When we get to a point of conscious competence, meaning we know what is right or wrong but still have to remind ourselves to choose the right thing, can we persuade ourselves to make the right decision?

If this scenario leaves us in an internal, conflicted state will we retreat from the decision or just do something? Action! You may have heard the phrase “massive and immediate action”.

Nothing could be more profound because every day we are faced with challenges and presented with opportunities… if you do nothing you get nothing but, if you take action you make things happen. The worst thing is to do nothing because you leave yourself trapped in the constant state of indecision.

So keep these three simple rules in mind all the time and you will equip yourself to deal with every decision big or small. “The appetite comes with the meal: if you don’t know what to do, start doing something, and the right choice will appear through your self-effort.” Coach Sonnon

Coach Scott Sonnon is absolutely someone you should get to know. His fitness training teaches you to break free of conformity, his mindset training teaches you think without limits, and his connection to abundant life will inspire you!