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24fsrwe4Britain is one country which is the goal to continue his studies. Good for hunters scholarships, as well as the study at their own expense. Well, before deciding to go to school where, it’s good to ?know how the educational institutions in the UK. Hotcourses made this guide, can help to identify the educational institutions in the UK. Listen, yuk!

In the UK, there are more than 170 educational institutions and more than 500 further education institutions that offer a wide selection of college programs and courses that may not be found in educational institutions in other states. Quality standards have also been established to ensure a certain educational degree obtained. For example, all universities and colleges in England which gives the title, previously have been specifically authorized by the Government to confer the title of Great Britain. College programs and institutions are also monitored and evaluated regularly.

For information, in outline, educational institutions are divided into higher education colleges, universities and further education institutions. Let us identify one by one!

Colleges of higher education

Colleges in the United Kingdom provides a range of qualification levels are quite diverse, tend to be more relaxed than the university. Colleges put more emphasis on classroom learning and field practice. Most colleges of higher education is not entitled to confer the title on their own behalf. Therefore, they usually work with a university that has the right to confer the title. Colleges usually offer courses covering all levels of vocational qualifications, A-level (school level qualifications in the United Kingdom), college access programs and the basis for entering the university level as well as some other full degree qualification.


University gives qualifying undergraduate degree (BA, BSc and BEng) and postgraduate (MA, MBA, and PhD) are divided into three categories, namely:

• University Campus
University Campus provides everything needed in one place. Usually a new university, based on a campus that was built on purpose, generally in the suburbs, although some are in the middle of town. Construction of this building includes space university departments, lecture halls, libraries, sports facilities and shopping. There is a possibility of accommodation facilities, there is also a choice. The goal is to present the education community and learning facilities in one campus.

• non-campus University
If you want more locals mingle with the community, non-campus university is the most appropriate choice. Usually found in many large cities with buildings spread over an area. They tend to be older universities that have naturally-grown flowers for years and have majors in different locations. The majority of this type have a university dormitory, although you have to move between the sites studying.

• Integrated University
Some universities in the United Kingdom, especially the oldest, including Cambridge, Oxford and York, is actually composed of several small colleges. Although you are registered as one student from the university, each college serves as a small campus. Your college will provide accommodations, facilities, social life and entertainment, although you will study alongside students from other colleges, and free to use other facilities.