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Emergency Fund Savings
I get a big fat juicy F for this. The simple fact is the Emergency Fund account should have had a balance of $877.26. As it stands there is a balance of $1.00. This is not only hugely disappointing, it is in fact very worrying. If we do not find a way of making up $877.00 then we will not make our goal of saving $10,000 by the end of the year.

Retirement Fund Savings

A+ As of  today I have $1,098  in my employer matched Simple IRA. This puts me on track of saving $13,000 by the end of the year.


C- Despite the challenges of the month we went over budget by only $182.00. Our worst offenders were 1) Food ($72 over) , 2) Fast Food ($53 over) , and 3) Gas ($26 over). We are worried more about February, because we are expecting house guests. But for now we are moderately happy with our budget results.

Last week, we ran into one small problem (as you always do). During the last hurricane we had a bad leak from our window, as a result a whole portion of the sub floor is rotted out.

We needed to run to Home Depot and buy a new sheet of subfloor to patch this job up. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive surprise. Materials cost me $30 and labor cost me $30.

On Monday our new floor starts to go in. And by Friday the entire room should be finished. Then he can start on the living room, which the landlord has agreed to pay for.


Pay off Car Debt

Big fat F.  I know I should be able to get over this loan but you know….We only managed to make minimum payments on the car debt. That means we have a balance of $14,691 remaining.

Pay off Credit Card Debt

Big fat F-. If I could give myself a worse grade, I would. Instead of paying off more debt, we added more debt. Once again this is the result of Unintended Expenses. We currently have a balance of $3,409.

So it was a pretty dismal month. Lets hope next month is better. I would love to know how you guys did for the month of January. Let me know in the comments.

What happened the other day

You see Alex and I weren’t what you would call ‘friends’ when we were in high school, except we used to be friends, but by the time high school rolled around we were only acquaintances, maybe? OK, so our relationship has been confusing but basically it was something like this: Alex Walter was the first friend I ever had.

Her family lived two doors down from the house where I grew up, actually in the house I still live in today, and we became the best of friends when we were still little fetuses in our mother’s womb, or at least that’s what we liked to tell people when we were children.

We concocted this fantasy about how we were destined to be best friends forever because of this and when we grew up we would go to the same college and meet twins who would fall madly in love with us and we would have a double wedding where we would walk down the aisle together and simultaneously say ‘I do’ to our respective twin.

Then we would buy houses right next to each other and and Alex would be a veterinarian because she loves animals and I would be the next Diane Sawyer because I wanted to be on TV, but not it the flashy Hollywood way as an actress, I wanted to be taken seriously.

It seem like our fairy tale story was on it’s way to becoming a reality and then we got to high school.  Or maybe the seeds of separation was planted when we were in middle school and fully bloomed by the time we started ninth grade.  Looking back it’s hard to say what it was that landed us on different sides of the spectrum.

I used to think about this a lot, but I haven’t thought about it or Alex in years, I feel guilty saying this, but I kinda just wrote Alex off, I mean we have not been friends for TEN years, and those were pretty monumental life changing years.

I thought that’s how life goes you know, you win some, you lose some, people come into your life and people leave and perhaps Alex and I just weren’t meant to be. Yet here we are, right back where we started.  I guess there are somethings about me that Alex just gets for whatever reason, probably because she knew me when I was fetus in my mother’s womb, obviously.

The other day my friend Alex, my one and only friend these days, told me I was being a whiny baby. See Alex has never left the home base, she tried her hand at community college, decided school wasn’t for her, at least not yet, and started waiting tables. That was six years ago and she’s still waiting tables.

Her life consists of work, television, and moments, wait, that’s the line from a song, but that’s actually the gist of her life.  Oh, and let me not forget her online gaming in the wonderful World of Warcraft! I wish I was saying this mockingly, but Alex has successfully lured me into this amazing world of warlocks and blood elves and paladins that has blown my socks off!

Anyways, Alex comes into the SBUX and slides a burnt CD across the counter.

“I can’t play this,” I exclaim, giving Alex my best, how-dare-you look, but failing miserably as my face scrunches up like a contortionist as I try to conceal my smile.  Alex and her burnt CD’s have saved me from the indie rock that we are forced to play here.

I swear, if I have to hear one more deep, sorrowful voice pining after some lost love to the strumming of an acoustic guitar I’m going to shoot myself!  However against the rules it is, I’m rather get written up then submit myself to torture. I’m the only one working here from one to three because there’s a lull in the traffic flow, so it’s a risk I’m willing to take, although at EXACTLY 2:55 p.m., right before my coworker starts his shift, I diligently switch back to the “appropriate, management approved” music.

As Thom York’s velvety voice hums from the speakers, Alex abruptly cuts me off from my daily diatribe against my life and says, “Stop being a whiny baby! Ever since you got back from the BIG CITY, you’ve done absolutely nothing but complain, complain, complain, you have to get over yourself, like seriously. You’re being a huge drag and honestly, this little rain cloud you’re holding over yourself is never going away if you keep bitching.”

Alex’s frankness hits me deep in the gut, so much so I can’t breathe. It’s like she formed her words into a mighty, powerful fist and lunged it at me with six years of standing on her feet, taking crap from self absorbed customers who treat their cell phones and text messages with more dignity then they show her, dreaming of the life that would take her out of this town and towards…I don’t know, I’ve never asked. I rest my hands on the counter and hang my head down slow cursing myself for being exactly what Alex was insightfully able to see and bold enough to say.