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For the past couple months I have been studying and implementing various “rituals” in my daily routine in order to accomplish more work, improve the quality of my work, and to improve my physical and emotional states. However, I am seriously challenged because I actually never really get a true “daily routine”.

For two weeks every month I am out on a boat working with a schedule of 6 hours on watch and 6 hours off watch, continuously for two weeks. This means I have two mornings and two nights every 24 hours. So the most sleep I am going to get at any one time is around 4 hours.

Now take into consideration we may be running offshore in high seas which means the boat is rolling around – imagine trying to sleep on a mechanical bull! And to top it off, the noise from the engines running or turning off an on can wake you any time.

The past few months, on the two weeks off the boat, I have been traveling for my personal business and basically living out of hotels and having to fly everywhere. Needless to say, there is no set routine doing that either.

I found that the rituals I started to implement when I had some consistency in my life were not going to work for me now, but I had to find a way to make time for “rejuvenation” practices. Yoga, meditation, some unique bodyweight exercises, dance, and feeding my mind with personal growth material are what I do to rejuvenate myself throughout the day.

But this was becoming very challenging and I was starting to get stressed out… until, I went to a workshop hosted by Ed Foreman. If you have never heard of him make sure to look him up. Everything changed!

Ed introduced me to MCR – Mind Controlled Relaxation! And while I had already been practicing elements of his technique, he showed me how and why I could accomplish my rejuvenation goal in 15 minutes, anywhere, and feel like I just took a 2 hour nap!

Mind Controlled Relaxation A 2 Hour Nap In 15 Minutes

Using your mind to relax your body will relieve excess stress and replenish your energy. The keys are slowing down mentally, directing the relaxation of your muscles and organs, slowing the heart rate and reducing blood pressure. This way you are programming your body to experience hours of rejuvenation in a short time.

“Alpha Level Learning”. We experience the maximum brain energy learning level at an Alpha stage which is at its peak when we enter sleep, during the dream cycle, and when we awaken.

This is the time when our brainwave activity is at its highest level of +/- 10.5 brainwave cycles per second! This is when our SUBCONSCIOUS mind is at work programming our mind and body. MCR is a way that you can recreate this Alpha state at will.

Positive affirmation and goal visualization at the Alpha levels using MCR will short cut the “repetition” method of improving habits. This will allow us you to program yourself for better health, happiness, and success subconsciously.

Removing worry from the equation! Worry is really the misuse of your imagination. It is thinking about what you don’t want to happen in the future and/or dwelling on a negative past event. Negative goal setting! In my hectic schedule of recent I was filling myself with worry… how am I going to get my work out in, I am not getting enough sleep, I can’t accomplish my ritual practices because I am always trying to catch up on sleep!

Worry, worry, worry… the self-destructive cycle! MCR has removed the worry and now I actually am accomplishing more… and I feel great!
Program yourself for success! This technique will help you at any point in your life!

Decide clearly what you desire in life. Make a written list. Read the list at least three times daily, dwell on it; think about your aims, desires, and goals. Concentrate on them and see yourself enjoying the fulfillment of them. Do this right before going to bed, in the middle of a busy day, and right when you wake up in the morning. REALLY concentrate and visualize for 10-15 minutes each time, and you will program yourself automatically to succeed!