Enough is enough 11 things I’m tired of hearing about

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Stop the madness! I wanted to share some things that I am sick and tired of hearing about both online and offline.

1. I am really getting tired of all the Progressive and Geico commercials to the point that I want to bitch slap FLO that annoying spokesperson for Progressive. Because of your annoying commercials I am not only not going to switch insurance I want to pay more to keep annoying commercials like yours off the air !

2. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton. Ms. Hilton spent more money on Halloween costumes than 90% of Americans make in one year and how the hell does Ms. Lohan get to get set all over the world ? I mean isn’t she broke by now? Are people so devoid of having life that they care about these air heads?

3. Who cares whether an iPhone loses a signal when it’s held? Only the people who were dumb enough to stand in line and wait for to give Apple their money.

4. Are people so lonely that they have to use Foursquare to “check-in” and tell people where they are so they can earn badges? Come-on have more of life than that ha?

5. Why people complain about dropout crisis. Not everybody needs to have a HS diploma, there are plenty of GED schools and online classes for those who want to go back to school. Nothing wrong with getting to the college with the GED diploma. How convenient

6. Put down the damn cell phone. You just pulled out of the driveway and already you’re on the phone? Then there are the people who go around the grocery store shopping while they talk to people on cell phones. Hint: try talking to people in person you would be surprised what you can learn and you even might get to understand that person better.


7. How come we can turn on the TV and see all kinds of violence but if we see a naked couple our society is going to burn in hell?

8. Why the hell does Carl Jr’s have to introduce a foot long burger with 3 cheese burgers? They already have sandwiches that contain more fat than you should have for the week. Do they have an alliance with undertakers to see how many people they can send to the grave?

9. People who don’t watch what they eat, don’t exercise and are overweight should be paying higher health premiums because people that take the time to watch what they eat are paying for their bad habits.

10. When is music going to feature more musicians and less production and why in the hell is Lady Gaga some important?

11. When are there going to be more nude beaches here?

12.Why education is so expensive?

Learn To Respect Other People’s Work

Creativity is something that you can enjoy, and other people can enjoy it too. If other people can’t enjoy it, its doesn’t mean your creativity has failed. It could be just a matter of taste. As long as you keep the creativity, someday people can enjoy it.

I’ve talked with many people in my GED school,  some of them are so easy in and out. But many of them can stay in one class longer and keep learning for the exam. One of the reason why a GED student leave a school is the lack of respect.

In the adult school, there will be a student who had good ability of learning, and the other could be good in organizing time, and the other maybe good on art design, etc. Every member of the class has his own good points so, there’s no one powerful member. That will keep the healthy relationship between the students in the group