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I had to get home for dinner, like I said family dinner is a staple in my family. But first I needed to wrap signing up for a fascinating website that I just stumbled upon. Ok, so maybe I didn’t actually come to it by chance, it was courtesy of 20something bloggers which I became a member of not too long ago. I got an email about this blogger network called Love Drop. Love Drop is a community of individuals that work together to help those in need, whether it be a due to an illness, financial hardship, or a natural disaster. The folks at Love Drop do anything to help out.

The part that I found really intriguing about this site, because I’m all about extending a hand to those in need, (I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around, so I’m here now to extend whatever it is I have to those in need and I hope that when I’m in need I can reach up through the darkness and find a hand that is willing to pull me out), is Love Drop isn’t all about money, which I severely lack right now, but as the name suggests, offering love and support of friends and like-minded people who care can really help a person when they’re down and out. So, even if you don’t have money, you can help by becoming a part of the blogger network and showcase the family or individual that Love Drop is helping that month. Now THAT sounds like my cup of tea. The idea is bloggers can spread awareness to their readers and show that even when times are tough, there is a light at the end of the tunnel because by working together and helping out your fellow man, we can accomplish greatness.

After the month-long campaign for the family is through, the founders of Love Drop will drop by the family’s house and deliver to them the financial and emotional support that they need to move forward. The fact that I can help out by doing a blog post once a month warms my heart and I some day when I’m super rich, I’ll be dropping all kinds of love for anyone in need.

The individual that was chosen this month is Jill from Chicago. Jill is a single mom who lost her job and became homeless as a result, but once she got back on her feet again, a fire destroyed her house leaving her homeless once again.