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I have to share this with you because it is perhaps the best objection I have ever gotten! I only edited a couple things to hide identities but you NEED to see this because once you can let go and laugh at stuff like this, you will have reached a great place in your life… remember, Bill Gates was treated the same way early in his endeavors.

By the way this is from a very successful person who has made his share of money in life – DO NOT let people steal your dreams!

Ask yourself one questions” If this is such a great deal, why don’t they just tell people what they are really doing?”

Why hide the truth that it is just a money swap, from the bottom to the top, with a little payout and when people drop out of the thing, they never get a refund?”

If you can answer this, you’ll will see what it is.
YOU CAN make some money with it…if you want to get involved in something like this.


The website is pure HYPE, pure old time HYPE and BS. I have heard it all my life, and seen people get rich off of it, but I never wanted to make my money that way. I learned that lesson in a Spa.

I had over 7,000 members and never had more than 50 people working out at any one time, it became top heavy as all of these things do and couldn’t continue and when I tried to defend it, with the law the way it was at the time, I nearly went to jail.!!! And while it is legal now, I didn’t want to do it.