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So you’re in the exam and waiting for the invigilator to say “you may turn over your exam papers and begin”. Nerves will be building and thoughts of all the study you have or have not done will be creeping into your mind. Here are some steps to make sure you get the most out of what you’ve done before the exam.

Also for me, taking tests will be more challenging as I’ve just started my humble online “business” by having adds on my other blog (I’ll tell you in a later post more about it), so I really have to set my mind on exam prep. Check out this video that covers some mistakes that should really be avoided. I know, it’s only January and most exams are still a few months away, but get well prepared for your exams and you may learn a lot from this video:

1. Read the entire exam paper twice

An obvious point, but the temptation will be strong to make a start on the first question you recognize. It’s important to take time at the start of the exam to read all the questions. This gives you a chance to calm down and settle into the exam. Also, it means you will actively see all the questions, and re-reading the questions will give you the opportunity to see if questions are harder or easier than you first thought.

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