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Middle school is a perfect time to plan for your gifted child’s high school education. ‘AH-HA’ moments can help. Experiencing an “AH-HA” moment can be unique and special for each individual. It’s a point in time when one realizes something for the first time. Perhaps solving a personal problem or finding the answer to something that has been very troubling.

When an “AH-HA” moment occurs, it is usually accompanied with satisfaction, joy, or a sense of accomplishment. Look for those special moments, they are wonderful and will be remembered for a long time.

When an “AH-HA” moment happens, you will know that something special is about to happen for you. If you are in middle school, you know it’s time to make important decisions about high school. Some of those decisions you will make for yourself. However, you’ll be smart enough to know that there are some things for which you must depend on mom and dad. If you’re lucky enough to have an “AH-HA” moment during the planning, you may know just what you want to do in high school.

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