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Without a doubt the one element in that separates the truly successful from everyone else is their habits! Ask yourself a question… does everything I do in any given day create positive results? More importantly, if you break down all the activities in a day, what do those activities result in?

I want to introduce you to a system that will help you rate your daily activities and see if your habits are helping or hurting you! This is a formula that the select few, top earners have mastered and you need to learn.
Completely Useless Activities.

These are daily activities that not only earn you $0, but will actually cost you money. Entrepreneurs in any industry, not just Internet and Network Marketing, absolutely can’t afford to spend any time here. These would involve: constant email activity, needlessly worrying about things that are simply out of your control, spending useless time in social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube…), and my favorite – ANY TV!

Low Dollar Per/Hour Activities. These are the real basic daily tasks that anyone could do for $10/hour. Things like: bookkeeping, minor technical tasks, running errands, filing paperwork, making spreadsheets or word docs… secretarial tasks. The key is to get your brain thinking only about the tasks that actually put money in your bank!More Link

I will be posting a lot of inspirational and practical content for you based on one of my coach’s teachings and the best part is that this comes from outside the “business” field. Most of what we do in business will carry over into how we live our lives and such is the case for Decision Making.

Coach Scott Sonnon who has created a new wave of fitness techniques and disciplines has some of the most profound mindset training I have ever experienced. What’s amazing is the connection to what we study in our Network/Internet Marketing business.

I give you: “Three Simple Rules For Decision Making”
1. The best thing to do is the right thing
2. The next best thing to do is something
3. And the worst thing to do is nothing

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Emergency Fund Savings
I get a big fat juicy F for this. The simple fact is the Emergency Fund account should have had a balance of $877.26. As it stands there is a balance of $1.00. This is not only hugely disappointing, it is in fact very worrying. If we do not find a way of making up $877.00 then we will not make our goal of saving $10,000 by the end of the year.

Retirement Fund Savings

A+ As of  today I have $1,098  in my employer matched Simple IRA. This puts me on track of saving $13,000 by the end of the year.


C- Despite the challenges of the month we went over budget by only $182.00. Our worst offenders were 1) Food ($72 over) , 2) Fast Food ($53 over) , and 3) Gas ($26 over). We are worried more about February, because we are expecting house guests. But for now we are moderately happy with our budget results.

Last week, we ran into one small problem (as you always do). During the last hurricane we had a bad leak from our window, as a result a whole portion of the sub floor is rotted out.

We needed to run to Home Depot and buy a new sheet of subfloor to patch this job up. Luckily it wasn’t an expensive surprise. Materials cost me $30 and labor cost me $30.

On Monday our new floor starts to go in. And by Friday the entire room should be finished. Then he can start on the living room, which the landlord has agreed to pay for.


Pay off Car Debt

Big fat F.  I know I should be able to get over this loan but you know….We only managed to make minimum payments on the car debt. That means we have a balance of $14,691 remaining.

Pay off Credit Card Debt

Big fat F-. If I could give myself a worse grade, I would. Instead of paying off more debt, we added more debt. Once again this is the result of Unintended Expenses. We currently have a balance of $3,409.

So it was a pretty dismal month. Lets hope next month is better. I would love to know how you guys did for the month of January. Let me know in the comments.
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Family dinners are staple in my household.  Naturally, these dinners happened on a regular basis after I left for college and until recently I never thought of how the dynamics would change minus me, the older sister, at the table.

I sometimes wonder if my parents do family dinner when it’s just the two of them. I find that thought both funny and comforting at the same time.  I like knowing that my family with all their traditions and routines can continue without me just in case something ever happens to me and I’m not longer able to join them.  And I mean this in every possible sense.  Like if I ever move to the other side of the world for some really cool job and can’t come home. Or I get hit by a bus while I’m walking downtown and die. I know that sounds morbid but these are the thoughts I have sometimes to keep all of my bases covered. More Link

I had to get home for dinner, like I said family dinner is a staple in my family. But first I needed to wrap signing up for a fascinating website that I just stumbled upon. Ok, so maybe I didn’t actually come to it by chance, it was courtesy of 20something bloggers which I became a member of not too long ago. I got an email about this blogger network called Love Drop. Love Drop is a community of individuals that work together to help those in need, whether it be a due to an illness, financial hardship, or a natural disaster. The folks at Love Drop do anything to help out.

The part that I found really intriguing about this site, because I’m all about extending a hand to those in need, (I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around, so I’m here now to extend whatever it is I have to those in need and I hope that when I’m in need I can reach up through the darkness and find a hand that is willing to pull me out), is Love Drop isn’t all about money, which I severely lack right now, but as the name suggests, offering love and support of friends and like-minded people who care can really help a person when they’re down and out. So, even if you don’t have money, you can help by becoming a part of the blogger network and showcase the family or individual that Love Drop is helping that month. Now THAT sounds like my cup of tea. More Link

What is it with clubs these days?! Is it just me or have the skirts got shorter, the necklines lower, and the drinks a lot stronger (should this be a complaint?!). Although I do have to admit that I myself have gotten much more conservative in my dress and my tolerance for alcohol has dropped like the beat the Beastie Boys were singing about in Intergalactic.

Walking into a new place especially a bar or club feels like entering a different country. There are specific rules and dress codes and behaviors that people adopt depending on where you are. In a dive bar people are beyond casual and you can expect your table to be covered with a layer of sticky beer but no one complains, the next patron just adds to it willingly. The air is stale and smells of cigarettes even if smoking was banned from bars five years ago. A club that charges you ten dollars to get in, on the other hand, usually has plush seating and shiny polished tables.More Link

So, like any normal 20 something who spends their days waiting tables, pulling shots, mixing drinks, folding clothes, any of the mundane jobs, that are loathed by everyone who once filled those shoes yet function as an essential part of our society, I spend a lot of time on Craigslist trolling posts that could potentially save me from the repetitive, dead-endness that is my job. I used to do this the painstakingly hard way, which involved going through every single post that had an interesting title, which usually yielded very little results and left me feeling very worthless.

I’ve since gotten smarter about it, because I set up a feed in my reader that targets things that interest me and match my education and skill level and may even allow me to get out of my parent’s house. Idk, if it’s because some of the jobs I’ve applied to are in Seattle and I’m obviously not there, but I haven’t really heard back from anymore…sad!

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In the UK, there are more than 170 educational institutions and more than 500 further education institutions that offer a wide selection of college programs and courses that may not be found in educational institutions in other states. Quality standards have also been established to ensure a certain educational degree obtained. For example, all universities and colleges in England which gives the title, previously have been specifically authorized by the Government to confer the title of Great Britain. College programs and institutions are also monitored and evaluated regularly.More Link